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It’s been a while since we said “ok, from today we will write an article a week, every week, to tell our story here on Medium”.
In the end it didn’t happen because of our top priority a.k.a building XY that, between a thousand ups and downs and an infinite creative process, it has sucked up every second of our life in the last few months.
This is also part of the story.

It happened that having an idea is not always as easy as you might expect, or rather, having an idea is easy, but only in this last…

( Ask to the universe )

5 years i thought.
5 years until I start my own business, maximum. Before I start making a real impact this world. Time is moving fast, faster than ever before. And if I don’t get up to speed, I’ll miss my chance. I know so.

Of course, when you’re looking back from less than a year later, about to launch a bomb of a business, it makes for a nice story. But it wasn’t easy in that position.

I stared out of the window I was tied down next to. We were gaining altitude, and I could see Mount Fuji…

How to build a social media.

It was starting to get a little cooler in the evening, however cool it could be on a late August evening.
Turin was deserted that night.
The girl I went out with had just gotten out of the car, and along with a trail of sweet scent, she had left a lot of questions in my head.

“How do you invent the possibility of knowing in advance how a relationship will go? Will it ever be possible? “

As I thought, the second gear became the third, and then the fourth. …


Re-inventing the word “ streaming “

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